Productive Leadership

AI-assisted simulation game
Productive Leadership offers a digital learning platform for developing leadership skills and improving productivity. It uses a scientific model which shows the financial effects of improving Quality of Working Life. By improving human productivity, your organisation can gain a lasting competitive advantage.
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The game includes nearly 30 fields of industry to choose from. The size of the company can be customised.


Immediate feedback on how HR management decisions affect the company’s finances.


of companies want to invest in well-being at work


include well-being at work in performance appraisals


of supervisors feel competent in managing well-being at work

(Aura O., Ahonen G., Hussi T. and Ilmarinen J. (2014). Strategisen hyvinvoinnin johtaminen Suomessa 2014, Research report, Pohjola Insurance Ltd and Suomen Terveystalo, Helsinki 2014.)

PlayGain is a serious game company based in Oulu, Finland.  Our goal is to help develop better leaders and better work culture.

Practice leadership

Leadership is one of the major sources of competitive advantage for an organization. At the same time, it is very difficult, since it touches on everything from human feelings to business performance. It can be trained through books and lectures but can be learned effectively only in practice. It requires formation or experiencing and understanding cause-effect relationships.

Improve wellbeing and productivity

Through gamification, a great amount of leadership skills can be learned in a short time. The AI-assisted simulation monitors your leadership, gives advice and rewards succesful leadership. It displays in real time the effects of your management actions on Quality of Working Life (QWL) and business performance or EBITDA.

See the results!

The game scores your performance, keeps detailed records and acts as a handbook for good HR practices. Even a small improvement in QWL means thousands of euros saved without cutting costs. By changing supervisors’ attitudes and managing human capital, your organisation can obtain a lasting competetive advantage.

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