Productive leadership


Every playing experience is unique and personal. Players can learn new things in their own time and try out their newly acquired skills without fear of failure. The game offers an opportunity to select various challenging scenarios that are customised for the needs of your company.



Players receive feedback on the choices they make throughout the game. The feedback shows how their decisions as supervisors affect the company’s finances and wellness at work. At the end, players are given a report, which can be utilised in performance assessment, for example.



Productive Leadership is also a manual for the dissemination of good HR practices. The game is also a manual for supervisory work to simulate various situations and test the impacts of planned HR-related actions.


The Productive Leadership game can also be used by corporate management as a strategic tool for managing change. It is also a practical strategic tool for any HR manager wishing to assess the impacts of various HR-related actions on the company’s results.

Try it out!

Try out the Best Boss in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) and see what the game entails.
The Productive Leadership simulation game is the first digital game environment in the world to reliably simulate the relationship between well-being at work and productivity. The gamification is found on rock-solid scientific research. The objectives of the game are to:

  • Change the attitudes of supervisors
  • Improve responding to challenges
  • Improve Quality of Working Life (QWL)
  • Improve business results
  • Enhance supervisors’s leadership skills
  • Improve the accuracy of KPI ratings

Companies and corporations

Good leadership is crucial for the competitiveness of a company. The high quality of the supervisors’ work and testing, along with increasing their understanding of the financial aspects of business, are familiar questions in any organisation. Productive Leadership meets these needs. The simulation includes various challenge scenarios, such as the financial downturn, growth and normal scenarios that can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation.

Public sector

Productive Leadership is also well suited for public sector organisations. It includes a number of embedded tasks for various fields, such as social and healthcare services, that teach and test the player. The game serves as a manual for good HR practices. The simulation game can also be utilised as a tool to manage internal changes in organisations.

Who is Productive Leadership aimed at?

  • Senior management – Simulate the financial opportunities of leadership. Test your managers and supervisors!
  • Line managers – Every action and non-performance has an impact on the company’s finances. Your choices count!
  • Human resource management – Know your personnel as a resource and learn what they can produce when managed correctly. What is the maturity level of your HR management?
  • Anyone wanting to learn what leadership is, what it feels like and what the company’s financial development would be like when headed with your expertise and actions.
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Frequently asked questions

Is Productive Leadership suited for SMEs, large corporations or something in between?
Productive Leadership is suitable for companies large and small who wish to improve their well-being at work and productivity.
I would like to incorporate the game into the HR processes of my company. Where can I get it?
Simply contact us. The browser-based version of the game will be released in the first part of 2016. Would you like to know more right now? Contact us using our contact form or send us an email to
What are you statements on gained benefits based on?
The game is founded on a huge amount of solid scientific research and experience. Check out the evidence-based model and mathematical equations on our web pages.
How much does it cost?

The price list is available on this website. The price depends on the number of users.

Look for our price list or ask for a quote!

One game round corresponds to one year and the game is played in 12-month cycles. One month in the game lasts between one and five minutes. Players meet various situations, challenges and members of staff during the game. The solutions made have an impact on the well-being of the personnel. Players receive immediate verbal and emotional feedback during the tasks from employees by means of gestures and facial expressions. Productive Leadership also offers immediate monthly feedback on the impact supervisors’ work has on the company’s finances and well-being at work. Players can monitor the development throughout the game. At the end, players will be given a report and feedback on financial statements. If requested, Productive Leadership can also generate a certificate of the end result and make suggestions for further development of leadership skills. The players can utilise the report in performance appraisals or as a part of their CVs, for example.

Successful gamification

Productive Leadership is a successful gamification of real-life events and work and it is based on a reliable evidence-based model. The laws of the business world and HR management set the framework for the game, and the feedback received provides a good basis to improve productivity in a company. Players can learn from their successes and failures, and learn to apply good HR practices in the everyday operations of an organisation. The addictive nature of the gaming world and the opportunity to become a better supervisor are the underlying forces of Productive Leadership.

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